Angry Squid Ink Policies

· Any order from Imprints Wholesale that does not qualify for free shipping can be left will-call for Angry Squid Ink and picked up by us for free. To avoid confusion, please let us know if there are boxes waiting for us.

· Every color in a design needs both a screen (New @ $15.00 or Reset @ $10.00) and a piece of vellum (@ $3.00 apiece).

· Every time there in an ink color change on the same design (for instance white ink on black shirts, then black ink on white shirts) there is a $6.00 charge.

· Artwork needs to be separated in photoshop or illustrator before being sent to us and with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Lower artwork resolution will result in low quality prints. Furthermore, artwork that needs to be separated might be subject to an artwork charge, normally around 20-30 dollars. We will always contact you before we charge you this amount in case you would rather do it in house.

· We understand that sometimes you get orders that need to be done in under a week. However, there are times that we will be forced to add a rush charge in order to make this happen. We will always warn you if you are subject to this charge ahead of time. From the time that we receive the blank apparel we guarantee to ship within 7-10 business days. Work done before that time may receive a 15% extra charge on the total cost. 3 days or under will receive a 25% rush charge.

· Screen Print numbers are $3.50 apiece (for example the number 4 is $3.50 the number 04 is $7)

· Light colored inks on dark garments require a double layer of ink opacity and are charged as an extra color. So white ink on a black/navy/forest/maroon/etc. shirt is charged as a 2 color.

All these policies can also be found on your price list, we just want to avoid any misunderstandings and make every work order as smooth as possible.